Your Chances to Hook Up Wireless Headphones to TV

A headset allows you to isolate yourself so as not to disturb your loved ones when you watch television. Some users may also need a different volume level than their surroundings to compensate for hearing loss.

Solutions exist, you can hook up wireless headphones to tv, but technical considerations can complicate their implementation. However, if you are only looking for a new TV, use TV comparison, to find device with such feature.

The different types of helmets

Different types of headphones allow you to isolate yourself for watching television. Classic models, headphones or earphones, can be connected to the TV’s jack (if the cable is long enough to reach your chair otherwise you will need to buy an extension cable). More practical, wireless TV headsets improve sound quality while isolating the viewer.

wireless headphones

Connection via jack: dive compulsory in the technical sheet of your TV

In some cases, by connecting conventional wired headphones to the TV’s jack port, you will deprive your loved ones of the sound from the speakers. Indeed, not all TVs are able to address sound to headphones and speakers simultaneously. One solution to try to work around the problem is to use a mini-jack to RCA / cinch or mini-jack to adapter and connect your headphones to the corresponding connectors. If your television is very old, it is still possible to find a Bluetooth adapter for TV. However, sometimes the TV cuts the sound from the speakers even through them.

Bluetooth: wireless but with problems

Some TV manufacturers are abandoning the jack plug in favor of a Bluetooth connection. In theory, the system is practical: it allows you to connect a classic wireless headset. But several problems can arise.

First, some manufacturers, on certain models (Samsung and LG, in particular) seem to limit the compatibility of the Bluetooth chip to their own equipment.


Suddenly, it is impossible to connect wireless headphones to TV without Bluetooth. Then, if you’ve successfully connected your headphones, you may notice a lag between the sound from the headphones and the TV picture. This de-synchronization is not very annoying when watching a documentary or a film, but it is very annoying for programs on set or programs.

To avoid it, it would be necessary that the television and the headset integrate Bluetooth with the aptx Low Latency codec, a case very unlikely today.

TV headphones for better sound

Home headphones are primarily aimed at audiophiles and movie buffs who want to enjoy optimal sound ay the time of listening to music or watching a movie at home. These headsets significantly improve the sound of a television and do not generate any difference between sound and image. However, they are likely to mute the speakers. Your cinema experience will therefore necessarily be lonely.

In addition, if the base of the headphones is connected to the jack port of the television, it will be necessary to disconnect it after each session to be able to watch television normally.