How can earbuds cause ear infection and how to avoid ear infection?

Nowadays everyone has a pair of earbuds and everyone is guilty of using earbuds for a prolonged amount of time. Prolong use of earbuds cause ear infections, ear canal block, and many other ear problems. Many physicians do not recommend using earbuds for a long time and they also advise to use earbuds as a substitute for listening with the speaker.

There is a lot of variety of earbuds are available in the market and most of them do not pay attention to ear health. Most of them have a question – can earbuds cause ear infection? The answer yes, you have to face ear infection from headphones and this is due to lack of oral hygiene and contamination in the ear canals.

earbuds cause ear infection

Tips to avoid ear infections?

Risk of getting an ear infection is not too palatable either and the best way to avoid ear infection while enjoying your earbuds is not to use them continuously for a long time and regularly clean the earbuds. Here are the few tips to prevent the infection.

Volume down:

If you use earbuds to listen in high volume then your ears will harm. You may listen to music at about 80% of the volume for about an hour that will not damage your ears. Usually, earbuds deliver music straight to the ear canal and this will put the risk of developing hearing impairment. Apart from the hearing loss issues your inner ear hurts after wearing headphones and also cause fatigue to your ear canal. Always try to use the speaker instead of using earbuds or headphones.

Reduce usage:

Don’t use the headphones more than 60 minutes a day and remove your earbuds from your ears every 30 minutes. Before you plug your ears back then make sure you blow on the ear tips to remove dust or ear wax.

Clean earbuds:

Earbuds must be cleaned regularly with a disinfectant solution and use wet clothes for this solution. After cleaning do not plug them immediately into your ears because there would be some moisture in them. Give at least one or two hours to it before you use them.

Now all of you know that earbuds can cause ear infection and it is also important to take proper precautions. Try to buy good and trusted brands earbuds because there are some changes in fewer ear infections. You can use earbuds for a long time if you properly clean your earbuds.