Why people should not ride with headphones?

Why people should not ride with headphones?

Most of the cyclists agree that it is dangerous for someone to wear headphones while cycling and having headphones on-ear playing louder than normal sounds. This sound weakens their cyclist senses and poses a threat to their safety. Some of the cyclists may opposite and argue that it depends on where they are cycling and how busy the surroundings are. There is some reason why you should not ride with headphones. Let’s discuss them.


Hearing traffics keeps you aware of your surrounding and it is easy to gauge if car or truck is about to overtake you. Listening to music while biking may cause problems or may-be the reason for the accident. Safety part goes double if you are using helmets instead of using headphones.

Hearing loss:

If you use headphones while biking to drown out the outside worldchances are you have them cranked up decently loud. Most of the media players hit the number at 75% volume but according to the research has found hearing damage begins around 85 decibels.

Against law:

Most of the countries specifically include bicyclists in their laws restricting or banning the use of headsets or earplugs. Riding with headphones is regulated in many countries. In a few states, it may not be illegal to wear headphones but in many states, it is illegal for cyclist and motor vehicle divers to wear headphones and the person has to pay fine if they caught.

cycling with headphones

Not necessary:

Music, news, and audiobooks are not that much necessary when compare with water, air, food. When you are shutting out society, then it is important to remove your headphones. If you are riding on private roads and no one will be out there, then you can take your headphones out when riding.

Safety tips to follow while cycling:

  • Never wear a headphone that covers both ears, you may wear the headphone in one ear facing opposite the traffic.
  • Always keep the volume down low enough to hear outside noise and don’t get distracted with music apps.
  • Instead of going cycling with headphones, you may use a mobile speaker that clip on the cycle.

Some of the cyclists will take the approach to not wear headphones at all to avoid an accident. If you have to hear the music using headphones while biking then you may choose bone-conduction wireless headphones. First, enjoy your riding and then enjoy the music later.